Getting In The Word Socials 



The Getting in the word Telegram page is a platform where you can dig deep into the word of God with Bible studies hosed at 9:00am (EST) Tuesday through Friday. Getting in the word is a place where you will hear the expository preaching of Pastor Stuart Guthrie and other select teachers.

Visit our Telegram page at:



Getting in the Word's Rumble page is a platform where you can have access to Family Bible Fellowship's Sunday service livestreams and past services. In addition, through Rumble you will be able to watch live bible studies with Pastor Stuart and 9:00am (EST) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. You can visit our Rumble page at:



The Getting in the Word Instagram page will keep you updated on any changes, announcements and special events that are upcoming. Visit our Instagram page at:



The Getting in the Word Facebook page will, while keeping you updated on all our latest events and changes, allow you to join Pastor Stuart live at 9:00am (EST) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for live bible studies filled with expository teaching and questions. Visit our Facebook page at:



Getting in the Word's Vimeo page is a video platform used by Pastor Stuart to store and upload all of his past sermons. From Vimeo, you will have access to all of Pastor Stuart's sermons, Bible studies, and all of the Bible studies done on Getting in the Word. Visit our Vimeo page at: