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About Getting In The Word

Getting in the Word is an online ministry created by Pastor Stuart Guthrie where people from all over the world can come together in a protected environment, learn about God's Word, and grow together. Getting in the Word reaches people worldwide through various platforms such as Telegram, Rumble, Facebook, and Vimeo. So join us at Getting in the Word as we dig deep into the Word of God.

About Dr. Stuart Guthrie

Pastor Stuart Guthrie is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and holds his Doctorate of Ministry from The Master's Seminary. Pastor Guthrie began as the teaching pastor at Family Bible Fellowship in January 2017, and he has great hope to see how the Lord will use this local body of Believers to accomplish His will in the Yemassee community and throughout the world.

Pastor Guthrie and his wife, Jennifer, have seven children (two girls and five boys), and they share a desire to convey Biblical truth to encourage and inform the promotion of the family. Pastor Guthrie is committed to the exegetical preaching of the Word in full and to reaching out to the lost with the hope of Jesus Christ.

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