Reaching The Himalaya's With The Gospel

Pastor Thomas Santosh

July 31, 2015

Mission of the ministry KEF

1. Sharing the Gospel to the unreached people groups.

2. Planting churches in the villages where there is no Bible believing church.

3. Transform the communities with the Gospel.

4. Child Development through the Word of God.

5. Partnership with the same minded missions to achieve the goal.

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Reaching The People of Northen India

Pastor Andrew Santosh

July 31, 2015

What a great oppertunity to reach these families in the Himalaya mountians with the hope of Jesus. We were able to provide gift bags and needed itmes for living and staying healthy. These were some sweet kids with great joy for getting these bags, which many have never before recieved. Praise the Lord we were able to show the Love of Christ with them. 

Kids in the Rocks!

Reaching the Families from the Mountains to share the Love of Christ.

July 31, 2015

There is something about going into the mountains such as these great mountains and watching these kids flood out to meet you, receieve a gift and to hear the Gospel of Christ. These kids were something Great and there familes were very special to our hearts! Here is a pic of one of the kids from the hills that received a gift packeage that was packed with all kinds of great needs. 

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