In Peace and Love

IPAL serves in the Saharawi refugee camps by offering English classes. As a global language, English is invaluable for sharing their plight with the world.

Rev. Mark & Esther Kaoma

It is good to know that the Lord is always at work. Esther and I have had wonderful time of ministry at our local church during the month of February. We took some series on the on the subject: THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS for three weeks and we saw God ministering to the people in a special way. After the ministry of the word, two sisters came in the open confirmed and confessed having been living in hatred for a long time and the last Sunday of ministry was a turning point of forgiveness. They forgave each other and promised to keep friendship under the blood banner of Jesus Christ. Praise God!

On 19th March, we conducted Crusade Vision Casting in the city of Chingola where I also taught on how to reach the unreached with the Gospel. It was well attended Evangelists, Bishops, Reverends, Pastors and church elders all with their spouses 248 in number representing 22 different churches/ ministries. On 26th March, we had a similar meeting in Ndola city – Crusade Vision Casting.



VISION CASTING                    


The two vision Casting have been done in these two places in readiness for the actual Christian Gospel Crusades that shall take place in the months of June and July, 2016 in the two cities respectively.


  1. April 20th – 22nd = Hosting the AFCI AFRICA Emerging Leaders Consultation to be held in Ndola and conducted by the AFCI International Director Rev. Paul Hanak and AFCI Africa  & Middle East Regional Director Rev. Fred Amoah –Darko.

  2. May 7th, Mark and Esther shall conduct a one day Married Couples Enrichment Seminar to be held in Kitwe.

  3. May 14th Mark and AFCI Ministry prayer partners shall be in Zimbabwe in Hwange to do the Spiritual Mapping and Crusade Vision Casting in preparation for the September, 2016 Open Air Gospel Crusade.

  4. June 16th – 19, Ndola Open Air Gospel Crusade

  5. July 14th – 17th, Chingola Open Air Gospel Crusade.


  1. Pray for the fruitfulness of the above upcoming events

  2. Pray for Mark’s trip to South Africa schedule for 24th May, 2016 for eye check up and medication and that the Lord may provide all the funds needed for the trip.

  3. Pray for God’s providence and good health upon Mark’s family even as Mark and Esther continue reaching out to the unreached.

Yours in that Blessed Hope,



Rev. Mark & Esther Kaoma